Band celebrates anniversary at river festival

By KELLY HOLLERAN The Lawrence Herald

        Members of the band Two River Junction will be celebrating their one-year anniversary by doing what they love -- playing music at the Gallipolis River Recreation Festival on July 3.

The band is composed of five men, all from different walks of life, who share a common love of music.

"We have a wide variety of people in it," said bass player Rob Jarrell. "We all have families, jobs and careers. This is just something we do for fun." The band members consist of a dentist (Mike Carlisle), a retired father (Harry Woyan Sr.) and his son, an employee of Commercial Plastics (Harry Woyan Jr.), a pharmaceutical representative (Rob Jarrell), and an employee of American Electric Power (Jason Roach).

"I really enjoy these guys," Harry Woyan Sr., lead guitarist, said. "It's just a lot of fun playing with these younger guys."

Jarrell said the members of the band like each other's company as much as they enjoy the music.

"I enjoy the camaraderie of the band," Jarrell said. "We came together from three separate bands. Mike Carlisle and myself were in a blues band."

Although the men come from different bands, this is not the first time they have played music together. "The first band I was in was with Jason Roach and Harry Woyan Jr.," Jarroll said, speaking about a band he was a part of more than a decade ago.

 Two people in the band have an even longer history together. Harry Woyan Jr. said watching his dad, Woyan Sr., while growing up was part of the reason for his musical interest.

"I was musically influenced by my dad," said drummer Woyan Jr.

Woyan Sr. did not list anyone in his family as an influence, but said that music is just a part of him. "I've always loved music, particularly country," he said. "Playing music almost comes naturally anymore."

All of the men agreed that they play music for no other reason than to have a good time.

 "We're just looking to have fun," Jason Roach, vocalist and guitarist, said. "We just play what we enjoy listening to."

 The men, who perform cover songs, all set one musical tenet when they formed the band. "The one rule we wanted was to play nothing new," Jarrell said. "We stick to classic rock, classic country and classic R&B."

 The band reasoned that most other people know older music and enjoy it. The band members are influenced by people such as Elvis Presley, Boston, Buddy Rich, The Rascals, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, so they decided to play only songs originally performed by older musicians.
"By sticking to established classics, we hope there will be something for everyone," Jarrell said.

 Roach estimated 90 percent of people who attend the band's show will know at least one song.

 "We won't play anything new," he said. "We're kind of catering to a more mature crowd."

Woyan Jr. said people will enjoy the selection of songs the band plays because the music is not often performed live.

 "We play a variety of songs," he said. "We play a lot of music people our age enjoy and don't really get to hear live bands perform."

The band will be playing at the Gallipolis River Recreation Festival July 3 and at the Point Pleasant Regatta July 7 from 9 until 11 p.m. Audio clippings of their music can be heard on their Web site,